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Don’t just wish for a healthier body– work for it

UR Savage Fitness was created to help you on your journey towards a fit and healthy body. Our headquarters is based in Ontario, Canada, but we have built warehouses across the world so that shipping right to your doorstep is affordable and efficient. Our focus is on ensuring that we bring athleisure that is high-performance, comfortable, top quality, and lives up to our own high standards.

We have years of experience and work with experts to bring maximized optimization when it comes to your workout clothing. Our designers and fitness experts go over each piece of clothing and accessory in our store to ensure that you receive the best of the best.

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You may not realize the impact that the right clothing can have on your fitness journey, which is the biggest mistake you can make. High-performance athleisure clothing has a huge impact on your workout

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The Ursavage Standard

Top Quality

Every piece of clothing you will find in our stores is made with high-quality, versatile materials and microfibers that result in an extensive four-way stretch. It doesn’t matter if you have a jam-packed CrossFit session or will be contorting your body in different ways for a calming yoga workout, the stretch and recovery design of the fabric will ensure you can do both easily. Each piece is printed, cut, and hand-stitched by an in-house expert team, so you can rest assured you are getting top-level quality.

High Performance

The athleisure wear is made with top-quality fabrics that support any kind of workout. This ensures that you are comfortable with high-performance exercise too.


Of course, your comfort during a workout can go a long way. When you are comfortable in your own skin and clothing, you will be able to attack the workout with the utmost dedication.

Eco Friendly

We want to ensure that we are part of the sustainable drive to save our planet. All our products are made to order to limit waste, while our packaging is eco-friendly for efficient worldwide shipping.

Our Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it! Here are some satisfied customers that you can rely on!

Adam Leway

The yoga pants I ordered were such a great fit and feel really amazing on my legs. I’ll be ordering more for my workouts since they are so lightweight

Merissa Langdon

The padded sports bra was honestly life-changing. It gave amazing support, and I was able to really focus on the workout more than ever. Even jumping jacks weren’t an issue anymore!

Jack Whitaker

The grey bomber jacket was such a great find for me! It gets really chilly here, so it was the perfect jacket for morning runs! Thanks!


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